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A successful French pilot session

We tip our hats to Ginette Gratton and Éthel Côté who jointly facilitated the Academy’s first French pilot session on February 12th, with a group of 33 French-speaking citizens, from diverse communities, backgrounds and expertise. Ginette and Éthel led the session with passion and flair, demonstrating their deep attachment to civic action. Do you wish to know how to succeed at the earliest opportunity? Have fun with together with the online casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung appropriate now. There is a lot of cash along with fun!

Participants engaged wholeheartedly in the discussion on Understanding Decision-making. They explored the meaning of citizen engagement, learned how the responsibilities of the municipal government differ from the provincial and federal governments, and discussed with other participants their role in creating positive change in the City of Ottawa. The evening was spotted with thoughtful comments and questions, and passionate anecdotes from several people present.

Taking note of important discussion points!

Taking note of important discussion points!

Participants were particularly impressed with the story of how the people of Vanier, working through the Vanier Community Association and the Vanier Beautification group, were able to come together in recent years to make Vanier streets and parks safer and more welcoming for all. It’s the kind of story that inspires others to take a closer look at the issues in their communities, and work together to address them in a positive way.

All in all, the energy and openness towards this first French pilot session confirms the thirst for meaningful civic engagement in Ottawa’s Francophone community.

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