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Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo takes a stab at defining all the names vendors use to describe small notebook computers. Netbooks are a growing trend in education for several reasons. Dell was one of the first to mass-produce a ruggedised netbook for the education sector, by having a rubber outlay, touchscreen and network activity light to show the teacher the netbook is online. The Cloud operating system attempts to capitalize on the minimalist aspect of netbooks. The user interface is limited to a browser application only. For Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a new stripped-down edition intended for netbooks known as “Starter”, exclusively for OEMs.

In my own experience, I’m finding that the Linux implementations are a third factor. While many netbook makers are offering custom Linux builds for simplicity, they have to balance that with the ability for the everyday consumer to add, extend and customize their own experience. Regardless, after using a low-powered computer and just the web for 60 days, I’m convinced that netbooks are well on their way towards becoming personal cloud computers. Limited hard disk storage – Some models offer only a 16GB or 32GB solid state drive. After the space required for Windows and your program files these smaller capacity drives may not leave sufficient space for all your other files in the long term.

Even within the netbook ecosystem, there were differences between how netbook models looked. When something was smaller than a laptop, it got a netbook designation, whether it had a 6-inch or 11-inch display. Netbooks were popular between 2007 and 2014, but as tablets rose in popularity, netbooks fell from favor. Tablets packed a powerful tech punch, and they were hard to beat in combing portability and functionality. The term netbook was coined by Intel while it was marketing its low-power Centrino Atom processor, used in all first-generation netbooks when they came out in 2007.

Handles lighter multitasking well, and interfaces seamlessly with online Google applications. In accordance with FTC guidelines, we state that we have a financial relationship with some of the companies mentioned in this website. This may include receiving access to free products and services for product and service reviews and giveaways. Even though it isn’t really designed for heavier use like video, I have tried my Slingplayer on it. I would say it struggled with that, even though it managed to display a continuous video feed most of the time.

For a different configuration than the original HP Chromebook 11, the 11-inch HP Chromebook x360 offers an innovative design and touch screen capability. A popular choice for classrooms, students can use their finger or compatible HP x EMR Pen to draw, take notes, write, or even learn a new language. Get all of these features in a small package with a full-sized keyboard, too. This popular netbook gives you the option of adding Office 365 Personal to your workflow.

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