What Is Netbook?

The Aspire also has an Ethernet port, a slot for an SD memory card and jacks for a headphone and external microphone. In order to keep its size down to 9.8 by 6.7 by 1.4 inches, Acer shrunk the size of the keyboard by about 10 percent, which is slowing down my typing and slightly increasing my typos. “Netbook” is a relatively new category of notebook computer noted for being smaller, less expensive and generally more energy efficient than typical notebook or laptop PCs. Here are some considerations to help you determine whether you want to purchase a full-size laptop or a netbook. Once you’ve found the primary elements you need in your netbook, you can focus on the extra features.

Notebook computers were meant to be light and provide “bare bones” laptop functionality. Initially, hard drive capacity and RAM were usually much higher in laptops, and many offered CD/DVD drives that matched those found in desktop units. However, as chip sets and hardware capabilities have expanded, the differences between a laptop and a notebook computer have blurred, both in size and functionality. Many consumers commented that this netbook was just too small, with its screen size of just 8.9 inches, which made it hard to view information. The similarly petite keyboard didn’t earn many fans, either. On the flip side, the netbook was by far the lightest of those we tested, which, when combined with this notebook’s battery life of more than 3 hours, make it a good choice for on-the-go computing.

And about 80 percent of netbooks run Windows XP, the older version of Microsoft’s flagship software. Battery life is also dependent on screen size and illumination as well as the processor you choose. The 160-gigabyte hard drive provides ample room for applications.

Optical Storage (CD/DVD) – Internal CD or DVD drives are not included in a netbook computer. External drives can be connected through USB ports for loading software or transferring data to another computer. External optical drives are not included in the base cost of most Netbook computers. Netbook computers are designed for less computing intensive tasks such as receiving and sending email and accessing the Internet. Netbooks are basic computing devices that are suited for basic computing tasks. Leading manufacturers include Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Toshiba.

The name “Netbook” is a combination of the words Internet and Notebook, but these devices have other names too like “Mini Laptop” or “Mini Notebook”. Whatever you call them, they are light-weight, small screened, energy sipping personal computers that are powerful enough to run office applications, send email, surf the web and watch movies on. Also when it comes to a computer purchase, Netbooks are about as inexpensive as you can get. I’m not sure that Radio Shack’s marketing idea makes much sense. In most cases, people who buy a $99 PC are probably not the same people who would be willing to spend $60 a month for wireless broadband. I have Verizon wireless broadband in my laptop and love it but I’m a frequent business traveler.