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Citizen Responsibilities

Hmm… so is one possible solution to this engagement issue for citizens to organize themselves into groups?
Most likely to gather around or lobby specific issues — A Better Bet comes to mind. These groups would be organized around a mandate, and have some kind of internal structure. These groups would probably hold more weight in Council than an individual would.
Can anybody think of other pros? What are the down-sides?

by Maureen Molot

We know we have some pro-active citizens, particularly on the issue of land use. But part of the challenge in being pro-active is knowledge and organization. Our neighbourhoods vary in the level of continuing connectedness and the fact that groups, eg., business improvement areas, often do not communicate with other neighbourhood organizations. Density and mobility both play a role. How do we overcome what may be a lack of connectedness in our neighbourhoods? Who takes the initiative and how should it be done? Do you need to understand how to acquire as fast as possible? Play with the casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung spielen suitable now. You will find a ton of money along with entertaining!

by Christine Aubry

All of the ideas presented are great (forums, committees, groups, etc), but the problem is not just ensuring people are informed and knowledgeable. I think a key problem is TIME. People are busy with their lives, especially the ones that are struggling and need the most help. They don’t have time or money to go to meetings, don’t have babysitters, etc. The city cannot expect that people will come to them. It needs to reach out to its citizens and go to them. . . .

It can be as simple as a consultation space on the web site. Maybe people can sign up to be consulted on specific topics and the city can send them surveys as things come up for discussion. Of course this would require more resources from the city. . . .

I have been engaged indirectly, working with already-established organizations and associations. I have not attended meetings or consultations in person for a variety of reasons (schedule conflict, feeling of powerlessness, fear on confrontation in what I perceive as meetings where people are angry and yell !). I have responded to surveys and have participated when help was sought. It seems to me like for a lot of the well-publicized issues it was citizens vs. the City, a confrontational model (and I tend to shy away from confrontation). I would love to be engaged at all levels, but in a collaborative and collegial manner.

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