Top 3 Recommended CRM Software for Small and Midsize Companies

Top 3 Recommended CRM Software for Small and Midsize Companies

You need to improve your business with the latest software. One of the software you can use to support your business is Customer Relationship Management or CRM software.

This software helps you to manage your customer data and relationship level.

You can also manage your contact list so you can communicate with your customers easily.

A salesperson needs to check the list of the best CRM software below to boost their sales performance.

HubSpot CRM Software

CRM software is not only for big or unicorn companies but also for all types of businesses.

You still need CRM software for your small business or company. Talking about the best software for small companies, HubSpot CRM software is one of the answers.

This software is recommended for business owners who want to use it for the first time.

The features are suitable and effective enough for small and midsize businesses.

You can use this software for free or choose the premium one. The software is supported by a variety of features including lead generation tools, web forms, live chat and bots, advertising tools, and help desk tools.

For the premium version, you have additional email marketing tools and it helps your marketing and sales management a lot.

The cost to get additional features is affordable enough in which you just need to spend around $50 to $1.200 per month depends on the package you choose.

HubSpot offers three different packages with premium features which are Sales Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

HubSpot CRM software is considered as a recommended sales software because of its complete and effective features.

You will be amazed by the features because they help your business a lot.

Zoho CRM Software

Zoho is also developing CRM software with a variety of effective features for business owners.

Just like HubSpot, Zoho CRM software is also suitable and developed for small or midsize businesses.

The difference is that the company has enough experience not only in sales software but also in social media marketing, accounting, and Point of Sales or POS systems.

The users can use some useful features such as live chat, phone, and social media tools to keep communicating with their customers. The user interface or UI is comfortable enough for first-time users.

It is also suitable for business owners who use Google G Suite for their business activities.

You can use the free version along with some limitations. For more complete features, you can choose one of the three premium version.

The users are only limited to two users only if you take the free version. The three premium versions are the standard, professional, and ultimate versions.

The cost is around $12 to $100 per month and it depends on the version you want to use.

The features are including the basic sales leads, marketing, and customer support automatization with reporting and forecasting tools.

This software is recommended to business owners because by spending a few dollars per month, they can get effective and useful features to manage their customer relationships.

Top 3 Recommended CRM Software for Small and Midsize Companies

Freshsales CRM Software

Freshsales CRM software is another customer relationship management that easies to use.

Just like the two previous references, it is also suitable for first-time users or small and midsize business owners.

The interesting part is that the software supports up to 30 different languages including Hebrew and Arabic.

The developer offers 5 different versions which are Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest.

The name of the version is unique and it shows that this software will give you more than you are expected.

You can still use the free version by choosing the Sprout version. The rest four versions are a premium one where you just only need to spend around $12 up to $79 per month.

The features you will get are including built-in phone, email integration, basic reporting, mobile apps, and Freshdesk, Google G Suite, and Zapier integration, and many more.

Now, you don’t need to get confused about how to manage your customer data.

Just use the best CRM software that can fill all your needs so you can reach your business goals, especially to manage your relationship with your loyal customers.

By managing the relationship well, it will improve your business sales and let the best CRM software helps you.

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