Grammarly, the Online Grammar Checker You Can Count On


Grammarly, the Online Grammar Checker You Can Count On

Having English as your native language or you use it a lot every day, doesn’t mean you can write in English perfectly.

You can make a mistake frequently. It will be troublesome, if you write an important paper, such as a thesis or article for your website.

This is where a grammar checker tool comes as the savior. Among the many tools on the internet, Grammarly stands out the most.

We have tried and took a peek on what this tool can do. So, let’s see what this tool can do.

The Interface

Grammarly comes with an easy to use interface. When you open its official website,, first of all, you need to sign in to use it.

Then, you will be brought to the page where you can start using this tool. The design is simple.

You can easily find the “New” button that you use if you want to check your text.

Once you click this button, you will find the page where you can check your text.

Just put or paste your text on it and Grammarly will check and find the error.

On the grammar checking page, there are two columns with a different function.

The left column is the area where you put your text. And, the left column will show you the grammar checking result.

Even though we say it is grammar checking, Grammarly doesn’t only check the grammar error.

It also checks the punctuation, expression and many other parts of writing. The good part is you also can correct the error from this column.

So, everything can be done on this page.

The Features

– Free Features

Grammarly offers many features for checking and correcting your text.

The previous version has a grammar checker, typing error checker, and punctuation checker.

The latest version combines those three into one feature called the “Correctness” checker. It is very helpful to save your time to check all of those mistakes in one go.

Moreover, they also add the “Clarity” checker, which from our point of view; is one of this tool’s best features.

It can easily show you the unnecessary sentences or words that you can remove or shorten, so people can easily understand it.

We also like the “Text Editor” feature on the column where you put the text that you want to check.

The previous version doesn’t have this feature. So, when you copy the text after you check it on Grammarly, it will turn into a text-only version.

With this new feature, you can keep the text format, such as bolded text, italic words, bullets, and numbering, as well as paragraph and heading.

The “Text Editor” doesn’t have a complete feature, such as font type or text color.

But, we think that’s enough to help you edit your text on the text processing software that you use.

Who knows, maybe in the future, the Grammarly team will add a more complete feature on this “Text Editor” tool.

The best of all, all the features we mentioned above are available in the free version of Grammarly.

With those features, you will have one of the powerful grammar checking tools for your text.

It’s a good choice for you who don’t have enough budgets to purchase the paid version.

– Paid Features

The paid version has more features you can use. You can easily see the green and purple color under the “Clarity” bar.

These features allow you to find part of the text that lowers its engagement power and delivery level.

Plus, the premium version also has more detailed grammar checking that will help you to choose the correct word, best phrasing and many more.

In short, it makes your text more perfect.

– Proofreading and Plagiarism Checker

Other than the standard grammar checker we explained above, Grammarly also offers a plagiarism checker and proofreading service.

The plagiarism checker is very useful to find the same phrase or sentence with other sources. You can use it to avoid copyright infringement.

Proofreading service is another best service from Grammarly. For this service, you will work with a human proofreader.

You pay for $0.2 per word to get your text, article or paper checked. And, both of them are only available on the paid version.

The Grammarly Version

We have already mentioned that there are two versions of Grammarly, the free and paid version.

You can use the free version directly from its official website. Just sign up, get your account and you can use it for free.

Then, there is the paid version that offers more features than the free version.

There is two paid version you can purchase, which is the Premium and Business.

Both of them offer deeper grammar checker as we mentioned above. The difference between the two can be found in how many users can use them and the managing feature.

Premium is only available for 1 user. And, it doesn’t have a managing feature.

The Business version can be used by 3-100 users, plus it has a managing feature.

This is the perfect choice for a company that needs a practical service for correcting their documents.

Then there is also Grammarly EDU. It is a new service for school and education purposes.

It supports English learning students.

The Addition

Another service from Grammarly is the Add-on service. You can get the extension for Chrome or other browsers.

So, when you type an email, text on the browser, and even make comment on a blog or forum, Grammarly will always be there for correcting the mistake.

Grammarly, the Online Grammar Checker You Can Count On

Then, there is also Grammarly for Word. It is very helpful because MS Word grammar checker isn’t as accurate as Grammarly.

Incorporating these two will help you save your time to correct your text when you type it on this software.


Grammarly is undeniable the best online grammar checker you can find today. The free version itself is powerful enough compared to other similar tools.

The best and most recommended Grammar checking app,

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