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How Do Issues Get On The Municipal Council Table?

The following post is an excerpt from the online pilot’s discussion boards.
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How do Issues get on the Municipal Council Table?

by Caroline Andrew

There are lots of ways citizens can influence what issues get on the table. Groups of citizens can get together around an issue and then go and see their Councillor – or several councillors. These meetings have to be well prepared – what information are you bringing (brief and to the point), why should that Councillor be interested (this needs the group to do their homework on the councillor – their interests, the make-up of their ward), and what action do you want the councillor to do (find information on city plans, vote on a motion coming to council, etc.) Want to learn how to acquire immediately? Participate in with all the casino spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung spielen proper now. You will find a ton of money in addition to fun!

But you need to be persistent and also to realize that lots of people are bringing lots of issues – can you join forces with other groups? Can you get to the media? Can you have a meeting with someone from City staff to better understand the City’s reasons for their position. This does not mean you change your point of view but it means you have to think of ways of bringing in new information or new perspectives -and be persistent – making sure that you always explain why the issue is so important and to whom.

by Christine Aubry

Given that groups need to be well organized, very literate (to do research, write briefs, make presentations, etc) and very vocal and persistent, I can see how marginalized populations are disadvantaged and their concerns and problems would go unnoticed. Should the city not have a certain responsibility to make it easier for citizens to bring forward their concerns, rather than expect they will come to the city?

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  • One of the interesting innovations is that there is an “open mike” period at the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. This is an opportunity for a resident to raise an issue at a Standing Committee rather than being limited to the agenda items established for the commitee. Apparently this innovation works well in that committee but it has been adopted in no other committee. We should ask why a successful experiment for the rural area is not applicable for 90% of the city’s population.

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