The Best Mini Laptops You Can Buy

Though ultraportable laptops as a class may look sleek, quite a few key differentiators distinguish models from one another. There’s a huge difference between a system that costs $400 and one that costs $1,300, even if they boast the same brand name and similar looks and features. As of early 2021, however, this isn’t the case if you’re trying to build a gaming PC, due to a graphics card shortage that has driven pricing way up for even older and middle-of-the-road GPUs. Some of the mini PCs we’ve tested include space for a second storage drive, either as another M.2 slot that accepts an SSD or as a built-in 2.5-inch drive bay—and some models include both.

As a general rule, try to go for at least 8 GB of RAM, seek out a recent generation processor , and look for SSD storage. You may also want to look for additional features like a full-size keyboard, at least two USB 3.0 ports (which are faster than USB 2.0), at least one HDMI port, audio ports for headphones and speakers, and lengthy battery life. In short, this computer will not do any heavy lifting, and we wouldn’t count on playing any AAA gaming titles. But it is a productivity machine able to handle medium-light tasks with ease. It’s a great size, and very light which are two key aspects of a portable laptop. Another aspect is battery life and you’ll get an easy 13 hours out of this.

These compact, flash-based storage devices are weight savers and immune to data loss from shock or bumps because they don’t have any moving parts, which is ideal for systems doing a lot of traveling. In previous generations, a few middle-of-the-pack models would opt for processors in Intel’s power-saving Y series. These chips, from the Core families, are identified by the “Y” in their model number and are capable for basic tasks but ultra-low-powered. In Tiger Lake, some U-series chips will be offered with lower wattage for less expensive and especially thin laptops, but they aren’t denoted separately.

All these add up to the Chromebook Duet being by far the best-value option in the sub $400 class of mini laptops, against, as long as you’re fine with a 10-inch device and its slightly cramped keyboard, expected at this size. The form-factor is that of a tablet, but Lenovo bundles a keyboard-folio for laptop use and the two make up for around 2 lbs combined. If you have the extra cash, this small laptop can be your workhorse for school and at the job. The bright 14-inch display automatically adjusts to your surroundings to give you bright, clear and vibrant imagery on the screen. HP Quickdrop also allows you to quickly send data like pictures or video from your phone to your laptop — think Airdrop for PC — without the hassle of emailing files back and forth.

The keyboard can’t be detached, but the screen can be flipped all the way back and be used in tablet mode. You could take advantage of the keyboard, use it as a tablet, or use tent mode to watch movies. You could even do some serious editing considering the specs this mini laptop rocks. You get a ‎size of 11.3 x 8 x 0.59 inches, which is pretty small and thin. And while you’ll have to pay up for it, this is definitely one of the best mini laptops around.

While it’s certainly possible to get a very powerful laptop that’s also lightweight and highly portable, you’ll generally end up paying significantly more for the privilege. Apple claims you’ll get all-day battery life from the Air, but Jeremey found that to be quite a conservative estimate. His own testing put the battery at around 12 hours of continuous video testing.

Whether several tons are needed, or just a few kilograms, there are options available. The volume of choices means that finding the material with the right characteristics is that much easier. If a manufacturer wants to produce coffee makers, then best price mini laptop computers. Many common household appliances use it because of these characteristics. Think of all the pieces in the engine that need to withstand heat yet are strong enough to handle the engine’s strains. Regularly available for less than $700, this thin, 3-pound convertible is a solid choice for anyone who needs a laptop for office or schoolwork.

Many of the faster, higher-end ultraportables will opt for the U-series chips regardless, since they also focus on power saving. You’ll have to look at some machines in person to find the right balance of physical design and performance to fit your needs. Need a featherweight laptop that lasts all day on a single battery charge? Thin, light, and power-efficient, these ultraportables are our top performers in testing. To maximize performance, make sure you buy a “matched pair” of memory sticks—that is, two that are from the same manufacturer and have the same capacity and speed rating.

Looking at the specs on, the processor on the 6447 is a tiny bit faster than the one on the other version. It’s basically the same processor, but one is clocked at 1.7 Ghz and one at 1.8 Ghz . In practice the difference between them is abysmal, so you shouldn’t care much about that.