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Is Your Jaw in Pain? That Might Be Your Wisdom Teeth

Many children become thrilled to see their fully grown teeth come in after they drop their baby teeth. It’s a different situation regarding getting rid of wisdom teeth in teenagers and young adults. The third molars are notorious for crowding other teeth out of place or growing at an unnatural angle, which can cause substantial discomfort and oral issues.

Prevalent Signs of Wisdom Teeth

It is not unusual to have some degree of pain and the appearance of one’s third molars (wisdom teeth). Having your wisdom teeth drawn out can be crucial if you wish to avoid experiencing any possible negative results. The following are the symptoms and signs you might be experiencing that could become a problem before you get the tooth drawn out.

Relentless Pain and Infection

The pain you experience when opening your mouth and at the tooth’s location are two of the most noticeable signs and symptoms you need your wisdom teeth removed. Because wisdom teeth are the last ones to emerge, commonly between the ages of 17 and 21, they are additionally most likely to become caught or impacted. Tooth decay, gum inflammation, and pericoronitis infection can all arise from food and plaque stuck under a tooth that has just partly erupted.

When food, plaque, and other particles become lodged between the impacted tooth and the gum, an infection called peritonitis can take place– leaving this unattended infection raises the risk of spreading to other teeth and the throat. Oral surgery, such as a laser treatment or root canal in Windsor, might be needed if the infection is severe.

Jaw Pain

With severe tissue impaction, this sign occurs regularly. Discomfort is anticipated because wisdom teeth put so much pressure on the teeth beside them. Having a wisdom tooth extracted can reduce the danger of damage to nearby teeth. Pain in the jaw may originate from these cavities since they can develop into pulp infections, harming blood vessels and nerves.

A cyst at the tooth’s root might also eat away at the jawbone. Due to discomfort and swelling, proper jaw movement might be impaired. Let’s say you’re worried you could be experiencing this symptom and want expert suggestions. If that’s the case, it’s time to set up a visit with a trustworthy dentist from cosmetic dentistry in Kelowna that provides services like wisdom tooth extraction, teeth whitening, etc.

Crooked or Overcrowded Teeth

Wisdom teeth will continue to erupt even if there is no space for them. When the mouth becomes too full, the teeth might be pressed together because of the pressure. You will need more effort to find an appropriate fit for your wisdom teeth. Your dentist will probably take an x-ray of your mouth before your wisdom teeth entirely erupt so they can identify if they will crowd your other teeth.

In cases where the wisdom teeth are causing crowding, it is essential to have them extracted and aligned using dental methods such as Invisalign. Furthermore, if it causes irreparable damage to other teeth and requires removal of them as well, you may need dentures Winnipeg to replace them.


All of the above suggests a need for a visit to the periodontist. If a wisdom tooth arises in an otherwise healthy and pain-free position, removing it may not be necessary. The roots of a person’s wisdom teeth are less difficult to remove before age 20. If you’re enduring pain in your wisdom teeth, think about seeing a periodontist.